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                  SZIDF 深圳國際工業設計大展

                    Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair

                    From 2013 to 2022, the Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association has spent ten years building the world's top exhibition for industrial design, making Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair the leading industrial design exhibition, which is favoured by all walks of life and has continuously created a strong radiating value.

                    We are constantly exploring, continuously reflecting on the value of design, exploring the possibilities of design in the course of shuttles, and exploring expectations for the future. Everything is possible here. Over the past ten years, numerous cutting-edge design concepts and the latest design achievements have made Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair a light of design, which illuminates every dream of creativity.

                    In 2022, impacting the wave of new technological innovation, social manufacturing and people's life are increasingly intertwined with design innovation. From the industrial age to the digital age, humanity has entered a new, accelerating and more diversified period of economic development. In this context, how will the future of industrial design shape up?

                    Ten years of drawing blueprints has led to a new look of upgrading. In 2022, the 10th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair will explore the future development path of design through the power of design discernment.

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                    The Jury

                    Media Partners

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